Rules & Regulations

Please take a moment to read the rules to better protect everyone’s experience and expectations.    

Our rules are here for your safety as well as the safety of others and our staff. We want to ensure everyone in attendance has an enjoyable evening while keeping all involved in these fun concert and movie events safe. Failure to follow these rules and regulations for the Drive-In can and will result in ejection from the parking field without a refund.  We can’t allow a few to disrupt and ruin the experience for the many!  

Please take a moment to read the rules to better protect everyone’s experience and expectations.    

Our rules are here for your safety as well as the safety of others and our staff. We want to ensure everyone in attendance has an enjoyable evening while keeping all involved in these fun concert and movie events safe. Failure to follow these rules and regulations for the Drive-In can and will result in ejection from the parking field without a refund.  We can’t allow a few to disrupt and ruin the experience for the many!  


  • Our security team will be on the grounds for the safety of our guests at all times.   PLEASE NOTE that we also have Hazelwood PD on duty to help keep everyone safe.  

  • For questions, comments, concerns about the staff or operations please email ( or call 314-528-2020

  • Dead Battery?  NO PROBLEM just find a staff member and well get a lot person out to you to assist in jumping your car.  We are working with AAA to help get you back on the road! 


  • Visit our website at to view event times, pricing and purchase tickets 

  • Follow us on Facebook @POWERplexSTL for our postings and events. 

  • E-Mail us at for more information  


  • We have Premium Reserved VIP spaces that guarantee these ticket holders a spot in the first or second row. Please check for availability and to purchase. 

  • Also, we are offering limited Party Pods in front of the stage. Bring your crew of 8 (maximum per pod), with private bathrooms, Food included and plenty of turfed space for social distancing! These will go quick so please buy tickets in advance!   

  • We do sell nightly tickets and accept MOST major credit cards; But we do advise you buy your tickets in advance at DriveInSTLcom to guarantee a spot at the show! 

  • Management has the right to refuse service/admission to anyone at any time for any reason as they see fit.   These are private shows and the safety of our guests is paramount.  


  • NO REFUNDS are given unless an event is cancelled. 

  • Shows go on, rain or shine except in the case of severe weather.  

  • If a severe thunder storm or heavy rain occurs, and the show is cancelled prior to 30 minutes of the show being shown, a rain check will be granted.  Please hold on to your ticket for redemption at a later date.   If not redeemed by the end of the run, no refund will be granted.   

  • If a power outage or such act of nature, or technical difficulty beyond our control occurs, we will offer passes, and or rain checks at which it is your choice which you prefer to accept. The passes will be good until the date the manager chooses usually not less than 30 days. 


  • PLEASE pay attention to the information you receive at the gate which pertains to our PARKING POLICY and courtesy rules. 

  • If you have an oversized truck, Van, SUV, Bus, or RV you will be required to park on the perimeter depending on how big your vehicle is. This is to avoid large vehicles from blocking the view to the big screens by those in regular or smaller cars.   

  • PLEASE NOTE: Our parking policy is in place to ensure that everyone will be able to see the show. We CANNOT make exceptions to our parking policy. Please come early, if you arrive late please do not expect to get a good spot, unless you have reserved a VIP space in advance.  

  • Raised hatchbacks or lift backs must not be raised any higher than the roof of the vehicle (maximum of 6 ft high) so as not to block the viewing angle of the vehicle behind you. 

  • We do not allow anyone to sit on top of their vehicle for any reason. This is a big safety concern and risk of injury. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

  • When you park your vehicle please pay attention to the ushers and do as directed.  They will likely ask you to bring the center of your car hood (nose) to a cone.  Drive slowly and carefully while in this parking field with many pedestrians.   


  • The SPEED LIMIT on the lot is 5 MPH AT ALL TIMES!!! PLEASE watch for our staff, ushers, concessionaires and security offices who could be on bikes or in golf carts.  

  • Drivers are responsible for making sure that all passengers are inside the vehicle and that no other patrons are in the way before moving their vehicle or leaving the theater. 

  • There is NO RUNNING or HORSE PLAY on the grounds or buildings (This includes parking lots, restrooms, concession area, etc.) This is for your safety and the safety of others. 

  • AGAIN, the SPEED LIMIT is 5 Miles Per Hour! 


  • Showtimes will vary.  Please check out for schedules, concerts, line-ups and show-times.   

  • All Concerts and Movies are scheduled rain or shine. Even in heavy rains, the shows will go on.  Lighting and high winds can delay or postpone the evening, but we will likely get the show in most evenings.    

  • Although we urge you to purchase tickets in advance at, there will be a limited amount of tickets available ‘at the door’.   We only accept credit cards for the ticket transactions.    


  • Due to the distraction of potential barking, no dogs are allowed and because we can’t allow dogs, cats or other pets are also not allowed. This rule is for the safety of animals in a field of cars and trucks.   


  • The FM Radio broadcast of all audio coming from the stage productions and movies is available anywhere on the main parking lot.  If you are having difficulty hearing the signal, please notify one of our staff members.   

  • The radio frequency will be given each night on the screens upon your arrival.    You will need an FM tuner in your vehicle to listen to the movie and concert music.   

  • We ask that you keep your car stereo audio at a reasonable level for your family to hear and enjoy, while not disrupting anyone else around you.      


  • We ask that after you have safely gotten parked, you shut-off all lights (interior and exterior), and put your car in the ALT position, so as to minimize the electrical drain.   

  • Car engines can tend to be noisy and put out a lot of fumes and odors and just cause a nuisance. We strongly encourage you to SHUT-OFF your engine as you enjoy so you do not disrupt other guests who may be sitting outside their vehicles trying to hear the concert or movie.   If you are in need of Air Conditioning or Heat for a period, we understand starting the car for short periods of time.  Please keep your lights OFF.   

  • You are given a full 9 ft. X 15 ft. Space next to your car on the DRIVERS side.   Please be respectful of social distancing and keep your family and friends within this pod.    

  • Concessions are available to be delivered to your vehicle before and during the movies. Please turn your flashers on and our staff will be with you shortly to take your order. 

  • SMOKING POLICY - There are designated smoking areas on site during each event.   


  • Please do not walk to concession stand to order food. Please put your flashers on and someone will be by to take your order.   

  • We are not accepting cash at this time.  All orders will be paid via credit card, either on-line or at your car window if ordering from our delivery team.  

  • We are not selling alcoholic beverages and if you elect to bring your own, we demand that you drink responsibly and designated someone in your party as the designated driver.  Additionally, public intoxication and disorderly conduct are against the law and will not be tolerated.   If you drink, do so responsibly.    Underage drinking will be closely monitored and any violators will be arrested and prosecuted.   


  • Laser pointers are not permitted at any time, if you are caught with one, it will be confiscated or everyone in your party will be asked to leave the Drive-In. YOUR CHOICE!  This is a major safety alert and security violation and we do not take it lightly.  

  • Do not throw or launch objects of any kind at the stage, screens, buildings, cars or people.    Anyone who throws and launches an item will be immediately escorted out and their entire party will be asked to leave.   


  • In compliance with Covid-19 recommendations by the St. Louis County Health Department, no one should leave their car or private pod next to their car, except to visit the restrooms, located on the perimeter of the parking lots.   Staying with your group in your pod area or inside your car is MANDATORY.  Concession stands are NOT OPEN.  All concessions are delivered to your door via online ordering (   Do not socialize with other pods.  

  • We ask if you leave your car or pod, you where your mask to the restrooms and back to your vehicle.   

  • While waiting in line at porta-potties, please stay at least 6 feet apart in line.  Dots have been painted on the asphalt for your convenience.  Please respect others by keeping your distance.     

  • We ask that you place all trash in the trash bag provided when you entered and take it with you upon departing. This is for the safety of our staff and for keeping the Drive-In clean of debris.    


  • We have a wheelchair accessible rest room on BOTH sides of the parking lot.   

  • We do have parking spaces reserved for cars with handicap placards or a handicap license plate near the concession and rest rooms. Some spaces are van accessible.  

  • If you are hearing-impaired, we are broadcasting in FM and you could bring a digitally tuned radio with headphones and we hope that works for your impairment. 



  • We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for Motor Vehicle accidents. 

  • We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to vehicles or personal property. 

  • We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or stolen items including, money & personal property. 

  • We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for Medical injuries & accidents. 

  • All paying patrons and visitors know there are personal risks associated with any large venue gathering and accept those risks upon purchasing a ticket and entering one of the Drive-In St. Louis Concerts and Movies.    


Have a question that’s not on the list? Contact us for more information.

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